Thursday, February 23, 2012

How about remaining poor?

Volume 10 - daSama skandha.
Chapter 81 - adhyAya 81.
Verses 21-23.

iti tac cintayann antaḥ
praapto niya-gṛhAntikam
sUry analendu-sankASair
vimAnaiḥ sarvato vṛitam
juṣṭam svaalankṛtaiḥ pumbhiḥ
strIbhiS ca hariNAkṣibhiḥ
kim idam kasya vA sthAnam
katham tad idam ity abhUt

SudAma (popular name: kucEla or a person with torn clothes) was a classmate of Krishna. He had a large family. Goaded by his wife, he came to Dwaraka. He was received well by Krishna, and ate the palmful of flat rice brought by SudAma. SudAma forgot to ask Krishna for wealth. Sudama, next morning, returned to his dilapidated home, thinking that Krishna didn't bestow him wealth, probably because he felt that Sudama will become arrogant with riches and forget Krishna.

Thinking thus, Sudama reached his home.
He, found in the place of his home, a number of palaces with fountains, gardens, cooing birds, lotuses, tulips, The palaces were glowing like sun, moon and the fire God. Well-dressed men and deer-eyed bejewelled ladies were adorning the home. SudAma started wondering: What is this? Whose place is this? How all this happened?

1. How about the poor belonging to castes other than Brahmins and Yadavas?

2. Every Brahmin cannot be a classmate of Krishna. How about the poor Brahmins of those days, who were not classmates of Krishna? It is like this: Everybody cannot be a classmate of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi can probably help one or two classmates of his, who were very close to him.

3. One thing is certain. During Krishna's rule, there were extremely poor persons like sudAma. Everybody was not prosperous, or at least equal.

4. The crux of the problem, is inequalities. Inequalities cannot be removed by raising classmate sentiments.

5. This problem existed even during Shri Rama's time. Pl. see my post at Click to see rAmAyanayb.blogspot.