Monday, November 15, 2010

#012 Should we need couches to lie down?

My mother tongue is Telugu. Nearly 80 million people speak it. Bammera Potana is a poet of 15th Century A.D. He translated the Bhagavata Purana of Vyasa ,
from Sanskrit to Telugu , with the title 'Andhra Mahaa Bhaagavatam . ' The book used to be a household name in Andhra Pradesh. I translate below a verse from the book.

Kamaniiya bhuumi bhaagamulu leekunnavee ,
pad`i yund`ut`aku duudi parupuleela?
Sahajambulagu karaanjalulu leekunnavee ,
bhoojana bhaajana punjameela?
Valkalaajinakus`aaval`ulu leekunnavee,
kat`t`a dukuula sanghambu leela?
Konakoni vasiyimpa guhalu leekunnavee,
praasaada saudhaadi pat`ala meela?

Phala rasaadulu kuriyavee paadapamulu ?
Svaadu jalamula nund`avee sakala nadulu ?
Posaga bhikshamu vet`t`aree pun`ya satulu ?
Dhana madaandhula koluveela , taapasulaku ?

Cīraaṇi kim pathi na santi
dis`anti bhikṣaaḿ
Naivaanghripaaḥ para-bhṛitaḥ
sarito apy asuuṣyan
Ruddhaa guhaaḥ kim
ajito vati nopasannaan
Kasmād bhajanti kavayo
dhana-durmadaandhaan .

Note: Potana made some changes and improved on the original verses. The phrases used are also very aesthetic. Potana's translation is more elaborate. He does not, somehow, mention about the 'ajita' and 'upasanna' (unconquerable God protecting the surrendered).

Why do we need cotton couches , when we have portions of earth , to lie down on ?

Why do we need great menus , and heaps of cutlery and vessels to eat in , when we have our open fists ?
Why do we need thin silk wardrobes , when we have jute

clothes and deer skins to wear ?
Why do we need great complexes of mansions , when we have caves to live in ?
Won't trees shower fruits with succulent juices ?
Won't rivers flow with sweet waters ?
Won't virtuous women bestow alms ?
Why should austere persons take up the service of the rich blind from wealth?

The above compare-and-and contrasts , though were the expressions of S`uka Yogi to the King Parikshit, I feel that these were the personal reflections of Poet Potana himself, who refused to serve in the court of the 15th Century King "Sarvagna Singa Bhuupaala".

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