Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Mahabhagavata threatens people. In Hindus there are innumerable castes. At the time of Mahabhagavata, there was a four caste system. Brahmins (Priests), Kshatriyas (Warriors), Vysyas (Merchants) and Sudras (Servants)(Pronunciation: S`uudras). In 5-26-23, let us see how Bhagavata threatens husbands of the 4th Caste women:

yee tv iha vai vrusalii-patayoo nasta saucaacaara niyamaas tyakta lajjaah
pas`u-caryaam caranti tee caapi preetya puuya-vin-muutra-sleeshma-malaa-puurn`aarn`avee nipatanti tad evaatibiibhatsitam as`aanti.

Meaning: The husbands of S`udra women who shamelessly (lajjah) lose their cleanliness and regulated life and live like cattle,
-- will after death fall in an ocean full of excreta, urine, pus, phlegm and eat its contents in that awful/terrible state.

This writer's remarks: This threat looks innocent, as though it is intended for shameless husbands. But it is not so. The husband should be of a fourth caste woman. Then there is a presumption (implied) that he will lose his cleanliness. This is because, the verse does not speak of a husband of Priest/Warrior/Merchant Woman. Here the fourth caste woman is indirectly ill treated.

My sympathies are with the husbands of the Sudra women